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Its the di/dt of a tc primary circuit that disallows the use of scrs.  The
problem is that an scr cannot turn on fast enough so only a small portion
of the silicon is conducting initially and the high current burns it out.

On Jan 6, 2013 5:05 PM, "Carl Noggle" <cn@xxxxx> wrote:

> Hey--
> Has anyone ever built a TC with an SCR switch?  If you put a reverse diode
> around it, it should work like a spark gap.  You would probably have to
> keep the gate drive on until all the ringing has subsided.  I have some
> SCRs that are rated at 1.6kV and 9.1kA for a half cycle at 60 Hz.  That is
> way over the performance of the SG in my 1800W SGTC.  This kind of service
> doesn't come close to the dV/dt ratings.
> Thanks---
> Carl
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