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Re: [TCML] DC SGTC charging inductor


I suggest using another MOT secondary , Break open the E/I by using a hacksaw, I put about 0.3mm piece of plastic in there and then glue it together with a building adhesive like "no more nails"

modified in this way they do not saturate nearly as much and over 1 amp of DC is possible. Arraying these in series and parallel combinations to get the required inductance and DC current ability can then be done. I lost my measurements of MOT's modified in this way and can only recall the inductance was about 10 Hy, this is easy to check by exciting the MOT with a modest AC voltage (30 to 120) and checking the current draw. The inductance will be somewhat less when it is used as a charging inductance due to the DC flowing in the core BUT the gap ensures the inductance does not reduce too much

Hope this assist
Ted L in NZ

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Subject: [TCML] DC SGTC charging inductor

Hi all,

I'm experimenting a bit with a small spark gap Tesla coil to get acquainted
with dc resonant charging.

The HV source is a HVDC tester which has a huge 250W flyback and the
primary cap is a string of 10 942Cs.
For the de-Q-ing diode I intend to use 3 microwave oven diodes in series.

But I'm going to need some pointers on how to build a proper charging
like size, app. number of windings and HV-insulation. Any advice is
welcome, thanks.

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