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Re: [TCML] tripolar coil

On 2/18/13 12:43 PM, David Thomson wrote:
I found a really neat digital three phase controller kit online.  There are
at least two companies who provide these.  There is a difference in the way
the PWM is implemented.


One is based on the beginning of the signal and the other is based on the
center of the signal.  Sine wave applications would likely do better with
the center-based signal.  I would imagine a tripolar TC would do better
with pulse signaling at perhaps 10% duty cycle.

Since my present project requires sine waves, I'm using the Freescale kit


Texas Instruments also has a kit:


Both of the above kits comes with a USB controller, and software.  The
Freescale kit also includes a BLDC motor and everything is preinstalled.

I envision this controller kit being able to control solid state relays.

Of course, these things are for frequencies down in the tens/hundreds of Hz range.. as opposed to 100-300 kHz..

consider a small demo with 3-6 coils, each a NST sized (say a 4" diameter secondary and 0.015 uF primary L).. the fRes is going to be 200-300 kHz.

(as opposed to running 3 coils off 60 Hz three phase, so the "bangs" are distributed among the three coils in sequence.. which might also be interesting to watch)

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