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[TCML] Anyone want a 3D printer?

Hello list, longtime no post.

Anyway, I have an Ultimaker that I no longer use. Anyone want her?
It's prefect for printing odd shapes; custom HV insulators included!


MSRP is $1566, and it comes with the "Ulticontroller" ($104) and a
Netfabb licence ($196). Autodesk inventor is pretty much free to

Sure, it's not the most inexpensive printer out there, but it's also
not something from some no-name kickstarter group you'll never hear
from again. Quality is comparable to the makerbot, and it has a 9
square inch build area (bigger than everything else out there). It's
also very fast, much more so than the makerbot or BFB machines.

I'm asking $1500 for everything, via PP, money order or google
checkout. The printer is in the USA currently, and if you're in the
rochester area, pickup is also an option.

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