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[TCML] Question about making a flyback driver to operate a SSTC.

Hi All,

This is my first email to the list, so I will give a short run down on my coils ect.

My first coil was a flyswatter I built with my daughter to try and teach her how to solder ect.

The next was a car ignition coil SGTC which is running but needs do done as the primary doesn't have enough turns to tune it.

I have a small SSTC working really nicely now and also have started to put together a larger (then what I have) SGTC with a 12kv 30ma NST.

Now to my question I have:
Just putting together a Eastern Voltage flyback driver 2 and it said they can drive tesla coils aswell.

So would I just built a secondary within the fequency range of the driver?

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