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Re: [TCML] DRSSTC ring-up

   I wrote:

If you supply a sinusoidal input voltage and have no phase difference,
then the input will just look like a resistor. Its resistance is given

                     k^2 * w^2 * L1 * L2 / R2
R  =      -------------------------------------------
(1 - w^2/w2^2)^2 + (w * L2 / R2)^2
where, L1, C1 and L2, C2 are the primary and secondary tank parameters.
R2 is the streamer load. Its capacitive part can be lumped into C2.
w is the input circular frequency and w2 that of the secondary resonance.

It is probably confusing, that I mentioned C1 and C2 in this equation
without them appearing in there.
In the general case R is complex. C1 does appear in its imaginary part.
I considered only the case, where primary voltage and current are in phase,
as in zero current switching. The imaginary part is then equal to zero and the
dependency on C1 disappears.

I used w2 as an abbreviation for 1/sqrt(L2 * C2) in the equation for R, so
C2 appears indirectly in there.
I put w2 there (somewhat inaccurately dubbed as secondary resonance frequency)
because I thought the eq would be more legible then.

Thank you for the clarification.


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