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RE: [TCML] ball toroid and arcing from secondary

I had a similar situation with an 6" spherical topload.
The electrical tape CAN work, but only on a temporary 
basis, as the streamers beneath it quickly punch holes
to escape. (I had 20 turns of Scotch #33)

One way around it, if you want to stick with the sphere,
is a corona ring that kinda orbits the upper-most of
the secondary windings, and is connected to the same
winding, or closest possible winding.

If money is a major issue, you could likely use a metal
can, cut to where it just covers the top winding.
See also: http://www.msbministries.org/images/sphere_topload.jpg
Reverend Fuzzy
Pastor, MSB Ministries

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> Hey guys, I'm sure this has been discussed a million times, so if someone has a link to a good answer
> that would be great.
> I switched from a torus shaped topload to a spherical topload. However now the discharges are coming
> from the top of the secondary windings rather than from the topload. I know this means that the
> topload is probably too high, but i cant really lower it any more than it already is because there is
> about 3 inches between the top of the pvc and the top secondary winding. I guess I could cut that down
> if I had to. I would prefer not to and even If I did have the ball almost sitting on the top winding,
> I feel like it would still be to high unless I cut a hole in the ball the same diameter of the pvc.
> I also know some people make small toroids underneath a higher one, but I would also prefer not to do
> this. I don't have the money to buy an actual toroid and I want this to look really good (i.e. not a
> homemade toroid made with aluminum ducting and aluminum tape. This is why I'm switching to the 2 bowls
> to make a ball in the first place.)
> I was wondering if maybe wrapping the top couple windings in electrical tape would work, but I doubt
> it.
> Any suggestions would be appreciate! thanks

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