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[TCML] Teslacoil for photoshoot in California July 15/16

Is anyone interested in a photoshoot with a Tesla coil for a Calendar in California on July 15/16?

Easy stuff but needs a few feet of spark at least from an elevated breakout point down onto a 6 foot earthed rod. This is one possible effect taken at my place in 2009.
No-one will be near when the Tesla coil is on. It is a simple case of a the subject holding a 6 foot earthed object. A flash is taken at the start of a long exposure and the subject runs away in darkness. I have done similar with children so it is easy and reliable to do. People are 20 feet away when the TC is fired. Once he is clear, then run the sparks for 1-5 seconds then the exposure is completed. I can give more details as needed if you haven't done this stuff before - like retuning, long breakouts, fan, earthing of the rod etc.

Direct correspondence to Lauren Zurchin at <laurenzurchin@xxxxxxxxx> with a copy to me <pterren@xxxxxxxxxxxx> so I know that it happens.
If no-one can do it then I will put it to 4HV as well


Lets do it! I want to do it and I know I can photograph that, easy. Let's get the word out! Ps, the shoot would be on the 15th or 16th of July. I'm working with tight author schedules so there's not really much wiggle room. I could do the Sunday or weds if I had to, but that Monday or Tues is best (preferably Tues if it doesn't matter)

Thanks so much!


On Jun 10, 2013, at 10:11 AM, <pterren@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi Lauren

Somthing like this is easy and no risk.
Single exposure only -  no photoshop.

Fix sword/weather Mage’s sword to ground so it is self standing.
In darkness, take a long exposure of sufficient Tesla sparks onto the sword. Tesla coil turns off. Mage moves in to “hold” the fixed sword in complete darkness. Complete shot with rear curtain flash. Result is Tesla sparks with nothing else visualised and flash illuminating mage plus sword.

Used blue and white remote photo flashes here.
Note power is off all the time anyone is close. So no really edgy stuntwork.
Any Tesla guy can do this who can pull a few feet onto a sword.
You don’t want the spark too long or you lose facial detail on the celebrity particularly if you want max detail on the costume. I reckon that you may want to consider the explanation of how it was taken and was NOT photo shopped (like all my photos).

The sparks had the intensity minimised as they will be a lot brighter saturated/blue with lens flare. Note the multiple sparks are a combination of exposure time and wind which makes the ionised channel drift. It’s called the banjo effect.
Use a fan if you want this effect.
Could look good from a very low vantage point looking up but trickier re safety.


OR for a single intense spark. But this is realtime and a stunt (even apart from the swallowed sword).


Lots more possibilities. As well

If you get a feel for this then I will put the word out to the Tesla community for anyone in Cal.


From: Lauren Zurchin
Sent: Monday, June 10, 2013 8:22 PM
To: pterren@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Tesladownunder homepage

Hi Peter!

My name's Lauren Zurchin, and I'm a photographer. I'm in the process of photographing a charity calendar with new york times bestselling authors as the subjects, and I was wondering if you could help me with something.

For one of the photos I want him to be a weather mage. What I imagined for the photo was him holding a staff and lighting coming out of the end. I thought a tesla coil was the best way to do this (I'm not wanting to photoshop in anything), and I saw a video of you holding a rod and having a beam of electricity coming out, and that was exactly what I wanted.

Here's my question: do you have any connections with people in the states? Preferably in California, who would do this? I am having the hardest time trying to find someone who is interested in working with me. The author is aware of the risks and is excited for this photo, and I really can't think of it working the way I'm envisioning without a tesla coil.

Let me know if you know someone, or know someone who knows someone, etc. I'm desperate to make this photo work the way I see it. I'm also totally willing to 'cheat' the photo if I need to, with the author in the foreground and the lightning moving behind him or something.

Here's a link to the project, in case you're curious: http://laurenzurchinstudios.com/author-fantasy-calendar/

Let me know, and thanks for your help!

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