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Re: [TCML] Re: Grounding NSTs (Special Case?)

On 5/1/13 3:45 PM, Brandon Hendershot wrote:
Connecting the secondary > to the counterpoise > to the safety ground, why
use a dedicated RF ground at all if I'm just going to be pumping RF into
green wire ground?

Since you don't have a separate RF ground, all you need is the counterpoise.

What you want to do, though, is make sure that you aren't inadvertently having RF flowing "through" the greenwire ground. That is, the safety ground wire from counterpoise to "green wire" in the plug shouldn't be part of the RF circuit.

If you have a decent counterpoise AND any of your "strike targets" are connected to that counterpoise or the cold end of your secondary (i.e. the point where your coil connects to the counterpoise), then you aren't going to be "pumping RF into the greenwire ground"..

If you think you're having problems, you can put an RF choke in the wire from green-wire to counterpoise, if you like. All you care is that it has low impedance at line frequencies.. if your coil is running at, say, 100kHz, and you want to have, say, 100 ohms impedance, then that choke would need to be a few hundred microhenries. Iron core is fine so that's easy to come by. You just care that the DC resistance is small. A few turns through one of those ferrite cores used for interference reduction might work (although most of those use a material suitable for VHF frequencies)
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