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Re: [TCML] In need of a HV transformer but not a neon

On 5/2/13 2:33 PM, David Rieben wrote:
Hi Dave,

Glad to hear that worked for you in Seattle but where I reside (Memphis area), the local utility company is actually city owned and they cut cost as much as possible, which means they don't discard anything to the recylcer. They have their own transformer repair shop, so that kind of cuts out the hobbiest from being able toget their hands on anything usuable. It was once explained to me that any transformer that they discarded would pretty much be beyond all reasonable chance of repair. Would imagine some utilities may be "gun shy" about selling HV gear to individuals, too, due to liability.

In California, most of the utilities will not sell/scrap/surplus anything with liquid insulation to anyone who is not a certified/licensed/qualified haz mat contractor. The "cradle to grave" liability is too big a risk that if they sell to any Tom, Dick, or Jane, and TDJ decide they're tired of tesla coiling and dump the transformer in a ditch, it will come back to the utility.

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