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[TCML] Still Interference from Tank Circuit

Hi All,

Last week I decided to hook up my old dummy load and give the new tank
circuit a test run. I've got four 15/30s in parallel running with an EMI
filter on the primary. The case ground from the NSTs is connected to the
case of the EMI filter to mains ground. I don't have the primary coil
hooked up, just a string of three 500W halogen lamps.
It seems there's still lots of lovely RF being fed back through the house
wiring as my PC was rendered completely frozen during the test. I made sure
to switch off the power strip for further testing, but I still don't like
the fact that running the tank circuit alone is going too wreak havoc.
Any further efforts I can make to reduce this interference? And changes in
wiring? I'm using a Terry Filter and I've got ferrite collars on the mains
wiring as well.

Brandon H.
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