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Re: [TCML] Theft of YouTube Videos

On 5/13/13 4:28 AM, Phil Tuck wrote:
Don't wish to wander OT here but: anyone with a video on YouTube of their
coil - be vigilant.
How's this for a cheek:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F0ANNKQIiNk
Not only does he steal Kevin's video, but for the description he then cuts &
pastes multiple descriptions from other coils, that are on YouTube, in an
effort to attract viewings based on a search result.
Getting YouTube to remove anything can be like having teeth extracted,
unless it's a copyrighted music track.

Pulling teeth, but with an instruction book...
You need to file a DMCA takedown notice. It has to be *exactly* in the form required with all the required information, etc.

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