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[TCML] just one TC at the ISEF

At least just one that I've seen so far. There's about 4-5 acres of projects, some 1600 entrants total from around the world.


EE312 "High Frequency Resonant Transformer" from Love and Thomassie in Arlington VA

Abstract says running off 9kV (it's a fairly good sized NST under there), and from casual inspection, I think they have a MMC and a muffin fan blown tungsten gap.

Abstract says it's a unique and original design.. I'll take a closer look tomorrow.

Not sure what they did with the TC, and just building a TC, unless the design is truly unusual (like one of the more unusual coupled resonator designs analyzed by Antonio 10 years ago), I'm not sure it would do well at ISEF. The bar is pretty high at that level. Last year's grand prize winner developed a $0.75 test for pancreatic cancer; Year before that it was someone who developed a nuclear fusion apparatus (there were actually 3 or 4 fusors at the fair). As I say, the bar's pretty high
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