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Re: [TCML] Tesla Coils

On 5/20/13 9:15 PM, Mitchell Roundy wrote:
Hey guys I'm new to Tesla coils and I was wondering if any of you guys
could help me out.  My brother and I are looking to build one. So anything
you guys could help me with is appreciated.

What do you already know about tesla coils?
Are you familiar with the safety issues (you've got potentially lethal high voltages in a coll). there's a safety sheet on http://www.pupman.com/

What sort of background in electrical stuff do you have? (so explanations can be at the right level)

The easiest coils to build are ones based on a Neon Sign Transformer (NST)and a spark gap.

In their simplest form, a tesla coil has a HV source (the NST), a primary capacitor and primary inductor, and a spark gap. The primary inductor has a varying magnetic field which is coupled to the secondary inductor. The current flowing in the secondary inductor causes charge to flow into the secondary capacitor (the "top load" or toroid electrode at the top of the secondary) raising it's voltage.

There are several websites around that have excellent descriptions of how TCs work, and I'm sure you'll get some URLs from the list.

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