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Re: [TCML] DRSSTC ring-up

Em 23/05/2013, às 19:15, "Herwig Roscher" <herwig.roscher@xxxxxx> escreveu:

> Hello all,
> I'm still tussling with my DRSSTC:
> In the list archives and the internet there are very few pictures showing the ring-up of 
> a DRSSTC. Sometimes the amplitude rises linearly, sometimes it goes up exponentially. My 
> DRSSTC showes linear ring-up, but with a strong sinusoidal modulation, if the natural 
> frequencies of primary and secondary coil are identical. As this modulation extends the 
> time-to-breakout, I have tried to avoid it by altering the coupling between the coils - 
> but without avail. The only possibility to get a smoother envelope was to tune the 
> primary coil lower.

There is nothing wrong. Actually, the maximum efficiency of a drsstc is obtained when you maximize the modulation of the output waveform. This causes reduction of the input current at the voltage maxima, at the limit producing complete beats, much as happens in a spark gap Tesla coil. With smooth rise most of the energy just circulates in the primary circuit, never reaching the secondary circuit.

Antonio Carlos M. de Queiroz

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