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[TCML] Re:Re:(TCML) Is a TC reversible?

 Dear List,
A propos of previous questions:-
If a couple of TCs  of same resonant frequency (A and B) with the  TC  (A)'s primary gap "biased" (with HV ac or dc) to breakdown (i.e. sparking) and TC (B)'s primary gap biased (as before)  to just under breakdown (i.e. non-sparking) were moved into proximity with one another, could A act as a transmitter and B as a receiver, with energy from coming from the primary circuit of A reappearing on the low frequency ac or dc side of B via Bs' primary gap -which is biased to above breakdown (sparking) upon reception of impulses from A?
I say this because as I see it, when the RF voltage swings negative and positive, the sum of the voltages across the gap could theoretically go above and below the breakdown threshold of the gap, triggering sparking -and energy transfer- on say, positive half cycles but not negative, or vice versa. Is this a  realistic possibility? 

 Or is a spark gap too unpredictable for this application -and If that is so, are there any other kinds of "simple" two-terminal device that could replace it  to better effect?
Jolyon Vater Cox

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