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[TCML] wireless power and synchronous detection experiment

To Do: Wireless power and synchronous detection experiment

There exist many simple CW Class-E Tesla coils on YouTube using just a
single MOSFET. I have never got around to having a matched pair of
these; but I'd like to; one may be left be un-biased while the gate
drive is still applied to allow synchronous rectification of an ambient
RF signal.

I'm imagining flaky two-way communication using the inevitable audio
frequency beat. MOSFET Class-E implementations seem to be matched to
about eight Ohms impedance and will drive a loudspeaker (or an AC
motor?) perfectly. 

It would make a heinous high-voltage Theremin that responds to movement
in the room and also somewhere else; where ever the remote coil is

There is no reason why each coil can't perform Rx and Tx functions at
once. Probably it's mandatory for the simplest possible self-oscillating

It looks like this system would make a bulky, impractical earth-current
cave radio system that could easily work over a few hundred meters on

Science project anyone?

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