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Re: [TCML] DIY dent-proof Toroids

2013/5/26 Jim Lux <jimlux@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> On 5/25/13 7:35 PM, mddeming@xxxxxxx wrote:
>> Wouldn't be economical for me as I would have to add in the cost of the
>> milling machine which I don't have. :^((
> Milling machine? they're great to have (wish I had one in my garage), but
> I don't think you need one for this kind of thing. A bolt in the end of a
> piece of wood clamped in the vise (vice?) would probably work just fine.

Exactly, you don't need a milling machine for this.
The table of the large pillar drill I've used, has limited x,y movement,
way too little to go from end tot end on the toroid.
I made a little platform where the toroid's center plate would rest on and
needed to turn it by hand, while the mill remained in a fixed position.
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