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[TCML] TCML policy monthly reminder

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Coil Mailing List (TCML).

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Posting guidelines:
    Posts should be sent to tesla@xxxxxxxxxx  as "Plain Text" mail format.
    Rich Text and HTML formatting is stripped, and your post may look odd
    if you send it as such.

    Be polite and respectful, sleep on it.  Don't be vulgar.  Think twice
    before posting.

    Excessive or objectionable signatures will cause the posting to be 

    Long run-on sentences, refusal to use punctuation and capitalizations,
    numerous misspellings, TYPING IN ALL CAPS, lend a juvenile quality to
    posts and will likely impact the quality of any responses.  
    Tesla coils have dangerous components in them and nobody wants to 
    describe building a potentially lethal device to someone who appears 
    to lack the necessary intellectual capacity.

    Stay on-topic.  Please keep the discussion to Tesla coil related
    topics.  TCML centers, by general consensus, on practical coiling.

  Use an appropriate Subject: line. Choose something that is reasonably
  specific, like "What kind of static gap is best?", not simply "Gaps".
  Don't reply to a post and change the topic to something unrelated.  
  Similarly if the subject has morphed into something that doesn't 
  resemble the original subject, feel free to change it to reflect 
  what your topic is about.

  No attachments (pictures, spreadsheets, etc) are permitted.  They will
  automatically be stripped.  Instead, upload any desired attachments to a
  free hosting service like http://drop.io, and include the drop.io link
  (like http://drop.io/your_name) in your post.

  Trim your replies.  Delete text and footers from previous posts that
  are not necessary to establish the context of your reply.  The earlier
  posts to all threads are available on pupman.com if anyone REALLY needs
  to go back.

  Conversely, do not reply to a post and delete all traces of the original
  post.  Keep enough of it to establish context.

  Regardless of the device used for email, your responsibility to write 
  in a coherent and readable manner is not diminished.  You are wasting the 
  time of many list members who will ultimately end up ignoring everything 
  you write.

  Please, do a little research before posting.  Many of the questions
  asked on the TCML have been asked and answered many times in the past,
  and all previous posts are archived at www.pupman.com.  You can search
  all archives with http://www.pupman.com/htsearch.html

  Be aware that when you hit reply, you are sending to over 700 subscribers,
  not just the originator of the post.  If a post says to reply to them
  off-list, please do so (put ONLY their email address in the To: field).
  If you wish to say thanks to someone, consider sending directly to them.
  Ask yourself - Does EVERYONE need to see my reply, or just that person?

  One liner and one word posts - "LOL", "Kewl", "Way to go" - are not
  useful.  Posts must have a useful point; this is not a chat room.

Wireless Power:

  It may seem odd that the TCML does not permit discussion of wireless
  power transmission - the very purpose for Tesla's invention.  But it
  has been the experience of the moderators that this topic is little
  more than a magnet for fringe and pseudo-science.  In the 100+ years
  since Tesla's first efforts, no one has been able to transmit power over
  significant distances with economically acceptable losses, despite strong
  commercial incentives.  Past discussions have rapidly degenerated into
  displays of faith in Tesla's infallibility.  Lacking critical thinking,
  real physics, or solid engineering, such discussions have little merit.

  "Wireless power" and "Alternate physics" related posts are best directed
  to more apropos forums, for instance Wireless Energy Transmission
  USA-tesla (USA-TESLA@xxxxxxxxxxxx) is also available for free-form

Non TC postings:
  Posts pertaining to high voltage but not strictly Tesla coils
  (i.e. Lightning, Marx generators, Jacobs ladders, high energy physics,
  etc) are largely permitted, as they no doubt overlap with Tesla coils
  in some areas, but should not constitute extended threads.

Buying and selling:

  Posts selling Tesla-related stuff (or giving it away) are OK, provided
  such posts don't become tiresome and repetitive (we don't want to hear the
  same stuff offered, week after week) or dominate list traffic. Exactly
  what constitutes "too often" is subject to the discretion of the
  moderators. Pricing, basic shipping info (where is it shipping from),
  and technical details of the product, or a link to a web site providing
  this information must be stated clearly. In other words, there must be
  sufficient information in the post that a prospective buyer would have a
  good idea if they're really interested. Posts lacking pricing information
  or reasonable specifications will be rejected. Notices of items offered
  on eBay are OK and obviously the price-posting requirement is waived,
  but please provide a complete eBay URL to click on rather than just an
  item number.

  Follow-up requests for specifications not covered in the original
  posting can and should be directed to the list for the benefit of all.
  But if someone has posted about an item they wish to sell or give
  away and you're interested in it, you must reply ONLY to the seller,
  OFF-LIST. The 700 others on the list don't care and don't want to know
  if you're interested in it. Your post will be rejected if you just hit
  reply (to tesla@xxxxxxxxxx). If you don't understand what "off-list"
  means, please ask.

  Note that ALL submitted posts are reviewed by moderators before going
  out.  Posts deviating from the above guidelines may be rejected at the
  discretion of the moderators.

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