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Re: [TCML] 6KVA first light

Hey Jay,
Nice job, bring it to the DC Memorial Teslathon next Sat. That's a nice looking gap. Do you have some pics of it?


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Sent: Sunday, September 1, 2013 12:04 PM
Subject: [TCML] 6KVA first light

Tested my coil with my 6KVA power supply last night. 
Got 80" sparks, which is pretty good for my only having tuned it to within one turn. Ill get out the scope and do it right next time. 
This coil will also be eventually converted to a dual Gapped DC coil. Now that I have the power supply completed, I just need to add my filter capacitor, inductors, diodes, etc and wire up the second gap. =) 
Unfortunately I am also moving to Maryland, so once again the forces of the world work against my progress. lol. 
But one day, the DC coil will be complete, maybe by spring time. 


Also, I think I am the first person to use the #12 THHN wire spool ballast method for a 240V system. 

Variac: 2 3.1Kva variacs wired with a common neutral and opposing legs of a 240V 4 wire feed 
Ballast: 2 500' spools of #12 THHN, one on each leg of the 240V line, limits 240V to exactly 30A, spot on. 
Transformers: 2 8400 Westinghouse potential transformers, primaries in series on the 240V with a common neutral, secondaries in series for 16.8Kv Output. (thank you John ie Futuret, these things are awesome) 
Primary: around 10 turns, Its free floating, so I can easily adjust the coupling via raising or lowering it with some blocks. 
Capacitor: 0.1 uf, 25Kv AC, made by Plastic Capcitors, speciically for tesla use i believe. (thank you David Reiben, this cap is sweet) 
ASRG Spark gap: 12 stationary electrodes (per side), 2 rotary electrodes (one for each side), 3000rpm max (600bps). 
Frequency: Secondary with just the bottom topload, clocked in somewhere around 84-87 KHz the last time I measured. Its obviously going to be a little lower with the extra capacitance, but I have not run the numbers yet. 

John "Jay" Howson IV 

"Why thank you, I will be happy to take those electrons off your hands." 

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