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[TCML] half inch tungsten

I've got several pieces of this,,,,10-12.....some is 5/8 inch long some
is 1and1/4 inch.

99.9 pure non thoriated,,,,,whats this stuff gong for
nowdays,?,,,,anyone need any of this?

For me a good swap is better than greenbacks (or at leas as good
as),,,,,,,soooooooo if anyone interested in swapping (or buying)

shoot me a line at joesmith@cvctx .com.....im easy to deal with.

oh and I have a rather large piece cut circular of G-10 FR4,,,one half
ich thick 24 inches diameter..
seems the hole in the center is either an inch or inch and a quarter,

more trading stuff,,don't know what I want,,so what do you have to
swap,I'm located between Austin and Houston.

http://www.fastmail.fm - Does exactly what it says on the tin

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