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RE: [TCML] 8" secondary woes - update.

Put the 'bubbles' end at the coil's botton (primary end) just to play safe.


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Hi all,

Just thought I would let you know what ended up happening with my 8"
secondary problem. I ended up ordering a length of 8" acrylic tube, got
about 4' for $AU 130. 

Cutting it turned out to be a non event. I simply drew a line around the
form with a black marker pen. Then, as someone on the list suggested, I
slowly worked my way around the form with a hacksaw making progressively
deeper and deeper cuts. The result was a nice clean cut with no chips or
anything. It was time consuming but easy and completely satisfactory.

I have gone with a 4:1 aspect ratio and all looks good. The only
disappointing thing is there is a small patch of a few square inches full of
very fine bubbles (only visible at certain angles). Hopefully that won't
mess with the electrostatic field and cause the form to fail. The annoying
thing is that if I had noticed it earlier I could have cut the excess from
the other end and not had the problem at all! 


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