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Re: [TCML] Best low cost adhesive for FR-4 to PLYWOOD


I would guess non-acetic acid type RTV would be the best bet. You might have to sandblast the FR-4, or omit the solder mask on the adhesive face before applying the adhesive to get the best adhesion if there are any sort of peeling forces to be applied.

A lot depends on the kinds of forces that will be applied. If you are just sticking a PC board to the wood, supporting its own weight, then RTV should be OK. I wouldn't count on it to withstand any sort of serious shear or tension loading, though.

Also will depend on whether it gets significantly warm in operation. Some sort of mechanical attachment -- screws and standoffs, or card edge guides -- might be better, especially if there is a chance that the PCB will have to be replaced eventually.


On 9/10/2013 6:10 PM, McCauley, Daniel H wrote:
Can anyone recommend a good low-cost adhesive for binding FR-4 directly to plywood?


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