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Re: [TCML] Dielectric oil

A quick Google search revealed lots of places to buy, but only if you are
interested in 55 gallons or more.  If I may, what is your purpose for this
oil?  The same google search revealed the MSDS, which nicely tell us the
composition (mineral oil, and less than 3% dimethyl sulfoxide solvent) so
whatever your application is, probably regular unscented mineral oil will
do nicely (I used to get it by the gallon from feed stores, if memory
serves it was like $12).  You could also by some DMSO if it is that big of
a deal, but I suspect that it is merely a surfactant in that blend and is
only in there to increase the wetting power of the oil to seep into
windings (whereas we the casual experimenter can just wait a few days for
the air bubbles to escape, or use a vibrator of some type.)  Anyway
hopefully this is helpful, and hopefully it makes it through...

Scott Bogard.

On Wed, Sep 18, 2013 at 11:00 PM, Andrew Robinson <arobinson@xxxxxxxxxxxx>wrote:

> Not sure if the list is back up yet...
> I've never had a need until now to purchase this and as a result, I am
> clueless where to get some or the details about it. Nothing on the regular
> sources ie McMaster, Ebay, Amazon, etc.
> Can someone please recommend a good source of say, Shell Diala.
> If someone has some on the list that they would be willing to sell, I
> would buy it assuming its new and sealed.
> I will need about 1.6L. I don't know what sizes the oil is packaged in.
> Perhaps someone has two 1L bottles sitting around?
> Also, im not sure if there are different varieties for different voltages.
> I will be running around 20Kv.
> Thanks all for the help
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