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[TCML] Running a Vacuum Tube as a spark gap or as a Relaxation Oscillator?

Dear Group,
This is my first post. I have searched the previous posts but I have not found an answer to my question.
However the archives are significant in volume and it is possible I missed this question.

I have GU81M Vacuum Self Oscillating Pentodes. I would like them to discharge my 12pf Vacuum Capacitor when it reaches capacity.
I basically want to replace the spark gap with a Vacuum Tube.

I have seen circuits on the 'net that use Thyratrons in a Relaxation Oscillator circuit, but I do not how this is possible with a Vacuum Tube.

It may seem like I am being difficult but I have very good reasons for pursuing this. Namely that I want to reproduce the Tesla Coil design
as seen in Nikola Tesla's patents.

My conjecture is that you need nanosecond impulses of electricity to get this Tesla Coil operating correctly.

I have resistors and capacitors coming so it is no problem to give in and build an Armstrong Oscillator.

I do not yet have access to a power supply over 2kV as I live in a remote region of Australia (so a SGTC is impractical).

Any help, criticism, correction or tangential ideas are welcome.

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