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Re: [TCML] NIST High Voltage Laboratory Testing / Safety Reference

Hi Dave,

Thank you. This is excellent and really common sense information. The
question now arises when this will become mandatory code for the HV hobbyist
or is it already?

My new Murphy law addition after breaking my leg with a transformer: "If an
accident is possible, it eventually will happen at the worst possible

Jim Mora

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Truly excellent reference for use when designing
medium or high voltage equipment or performing HV lab work,
from NIST.  This document was referenced in a recent
 EDN e-blog.  The great thing about this document is it
is succinct, brief (9 pages), specific, and to the point.


<One recommendation is the requirement of having "2"
 separate operations to turn on high voltage; this requires
at a minimum a Main Disconnect (Lockable Safety Switch)
and a start-stop push-button station with seal in contactor.
This requirement supports my contention you should never
"instant on" high voltage equipment.  YMMV, but I've seen
catastrophic, spectacular failures doing this.


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