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Re: [TCML] Submerged diode strings hold off distance (transfomeroil)

Hi Stefan,

I agree with you to a point. I intend to test each string with a voltage
divider, a 15kv Neon transformer at half phase rectification, and my oscope.
The strings were designed as over kill. Each string has 54 diodes (+27,and
--27 center-tapped.  Each diode is a matched UF5408 1K piv @ 3 amps and
likes 700v iv avaerage. Remember my transformer is now reconfigured to about
5KV per phase or about 11KV rectified out.

If I have a failure in the rectified area, I really screwed up the design or
assembly process. I think a good compromise would be to stack the deque
diodes on top between the + and to the choke standoff insulators. You
indirectly gave me that idea! If something is going to go wrong outside the
tank (not so unlikely with DIY charge inductors and HV cabling), I would
think the deque diodes would eat it before the brute force inside.

In any case, I will be only putting maybe 12 bolts in the flange. With the
transformer submerged, the oil is below that line. The top brass fill plug
has a dip stick. Gotta love old school!

I am going to take an educated guess 3-4" is enough between stacks. There is
nothing sharp and as practice I ball soldered the bottoms - got pretty good
at it too ;-^)

Unless you have spares, string failures are pretty much end of run for the
day anyway.

Jim Mora

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Hi Jim,

I don't think it's a good idea to mount the rectifiers inside the tank. It's

definetly not necessary to imerse them in oil neither for insulation nor 
cooling purposes.
Another reason is: Maybe you will kill some rectifiers probably during some 
initial tests so do you really want to pull out the transformer everytime 
just for replacing dead diodes?


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