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[TCML] Reverse voltage thyratron protection

Dear Group,
I need advice on what options I have for thyratron reverse voltage

I will be using a dc resonance setup and using the thyratron as a spark gap
replacement.  I have tested this part and the diode after the charging
reactor does turn off the thyratron in conjunction with the tank cap.

See this video: http://youtu.be/BrSvm-n0F6I

I will be feeding the pulse from a .22uf cap into a tuned lc circuit. Here
is my schematic:

I am aware that if any energy tries to pass the thyratron it will be in the
100's of amp range.  I had hoped to use a vacuum diode but I just blew up
the filament of a 2x1000a I had (during a insulated filament transformer

So given this what solid state replacement can I use that can handle large
pulses and has a fast switching time?

If I use a second hydrogen thyratron can I operate it as a diode by tying
the grid and anode together?

Any ideas welcome as I'm stuck at the moment.

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