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Re: [TCML] overheating diode strings

There is a gotcha with bridge rectifiers, it bit me yaars ago.
Borrowing the sketch below:

   WHERE, if anywhere, are the 'grounds'? 
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> Your schematic should look something like the following, with a whole
> lot more diodes:
>                  (AC Input)
>                    |
> |--|>|--|>|--|>|--|--|>|--|>|--|>|--|
> |                                   |
> | (-)                               | (+)
> |                                   |
> |--|>|--|>|--|>|--|--|>|--|>|--|>|--|
> |                 |                 |
> (Negative)      (AC Input)     (Positive)
> (output)                       (Output)
> I'd guess you have one leg of the bridge turned around.
   As i understand the test rig, the low/common
   side of the variac is at 'ground'.

  IF (note the IF....) the negative output is
  'grounded' one string is trying to short the
  variac wiper to 'ground', half the time.

  This would not be an issue in the real
  application, unless the secondary is

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