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Re: [TCML] Muscle pain from tesla coil??

> Dear Turtle,
> " I have produced electrical oscillations which were of such intensity that
> when circulating through my arms and chest they have melted wires which
> joined my hands, and still I felt no inconvenience.  I have energized with
> such oscillations a loop of heavy copper wire so powerfully that masses of
> metal, and even objects of an electrical resistance specifically greater
> than that of human tissue brought close to or placed within the loop, were
> heated to a high temperature and melted, often with the violence of an
> explosion, and yet into this very space in which this terribly-destructive
> turmoil was going on I have repeatedly thrust my head without feeling
> anything or experiencing injurious after-effects."
> From: The Problem Of Increasing Human Energy. Published in 1900

    I see no mention of 'steel bars'.
>> > "Makes you wonder how Tesla lived so long when he dosed himself with x-rays
> >> and passed huge currents through his body melting steel bars?"

> > Where, when, and how did he melt steel bars through his body?

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