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Re: [TCML] Ebay seller amazing1-nh

Amazing One, of New Hampshire, aka Information Unlimited, formed by a Robert Ianinni in 1974. I seem to recall him being involved in a crippling (auto?) accident several years ago and am not sure that he personally any longer has an active role with this company? Their website states that they are  "a corporation dedicated to the researcher, experimenter, and technology enthusiast." 

I have some limited experience with them that dates back about 25 years. I think they are OK, although a little persistence will probably net your sought after NST for considerably less $ than what they are asking for theirs, although the old style, iron-cored NSTs are getting increasingly difficult to find. EBay still turns them up on a fairly regular basis, though.


John Cooper <wt5y@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>Anyone here heard of or used one of these or is the actual seller?
>171533713870 is the ebay item number.  Its a custom 15kv 60ma nst for $319.  
>Also if anyone is looking to sell some nsts 12 or 15kv 30 or 60ma I may be a buyer.
>John cooper 
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