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[TCML] WG: Infernal Battle of Xanthippe vs. Sirius

Hello you spark addicts,  at the int. Egli Racing motorcycle rally, August this year in Bettwil, we arranged for our bikers a spectacular TC coil fight:

Andy Saile sent his cantankerous SIRIUS Into the combat ring ,  6 meters away, in the opposite corner I unchained my brutish, adrenalin steaming XANTHIPPE killer coil.

We bridged the wall contact breakers, called the nuclear power plant, requested them to insert the fuel rods to full depth, then we cranked up our variacs to the overboost, full throttle stop and triggered the power relays, what made the power cables on the floor twitch like a attacking snake ...

I was absolutely convinced, that  XANTHIPPE is melting down the chalenger SIRIUS within seconds, in a violent deadly fight, to a sordid smoking heap of b-scrap.
Popp a Valium, say goodbye to your eardrums and see what happened :


Enjoy! - Fritz

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