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[TCML] VTTC coil question

Hi All,

Been quite a while since I have posted anything on this site as my new home has taken priority.  But now I have time to rebuild my dual 833 vttc.  changed it to resonate around 300 kHz.  Works really good now and produces some pretty long arcs for a vacuum tube design.  

  I built a staccato controller from Steve's schematic several years ago but having some trouble with it.  It is not a printed board but just a prototype board all soldered together.  does anyone have a nice etched board for a staccato control for sale?  I can do all the work and get the components just need the board.  

The trouble I am having is running the 115 volt supply from underneath the tesla coil.  Even though I am using a shielded supply it seems I am frying something on the board when running in the staccato mode.  do I need to run a separate 115 volt supply away from the tesla coil?  

Any help would be appreciated.

Bud Mohrman
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