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[TCML] Dc charging and power arcing

Hello List,


I have been letting the issue of DC charging rattle my brain a few days and
it always comes back to Burnet's comments on Arc trailing. If my Inductor
has more energy then is needed, the Spark cap is likely going to take on the
power in long arcs between electrodes. What experience do you folks have
with this issue? I'm tempted to let go of this and proceed on with pig
power. I do have a virgin 18" square of 5/8" G10 Fr4 that should quench a
dragon though best maybe to let this DC coil simmer on the back burner for
awhile longer. I seem to remember Steve Young made some form of charge than
isolate gap though.


Thanks for your patience; I'm just getting back into coiling again and have
12" PVC form waiting to be made first anyway!


Jim Mora



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