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Re: [TCML] Transfer status

On 6/18/2014 10:44 AM, Chip Atkinson wrote:
Sorry for the noise. I should be near the end of the testing and fully operational.

I believe that I got the archiving fixed with no messages lost.

Wiki functionality has yet to be addressed. I think I'm going to take it out from behind the password protection so that it's more generally available though.

There are some subscribers on the list that appear to be bouncing due to the IP address range being used by spammers. I'm addressing that and will try to take steps to make this IP more legitimate so to speak.

When you have time, feel free to look over the www.pupman.com site. I changed the background so if you see a picture of a distant cloud and the moon, you are viewing the site on the new server.

Let me know of any problems you have or find (that are related to TCML/pupman.com :-) )

Looks like the list will be IPv6 now too :)

Nice work Chip
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