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[TCML] A table top Oudin Resonator


Made for my friend Andy Barr, who has a Tesla museum / Barber Shop in IL.
Secondary Coil on a gylptal coated cardboard form 5.5" OD x 11" long
Wound with 185 turns of 16 AWG
Primary Coil 5 turns of 1" copper ribbon with .1875" EPDM rubber as interleaves
4 series 1/8" tungsten spark gap
(2) 30kV .0027 mfd doorknob caps in parallel
15kV 30mA neon transformer.
Output is 6-7" brush with corona that can be felt 16" away.  A fun coil to interact with, pours out the Ozone.  4 pages of pics in the gallery, construction photos are on Facebook...

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