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[TCML] A mini portable Tesla Coil


Uses a 4" copper ball, 3" phenolic form, antique spark gap, doorknob caps and a couple of hard drive disks,
a tiny 3500V 8mA baby core & coil neon transformer.   The sparks aren't as impressive as with a pancake coil
and same supply but its easier to carry.  4" sparks and 6" effluves and coronas.  Secondary wound with 29 AWG.
1" ribbon and EPDM rubber used for Primary Coil.  6" diameter x 1/2" thick phenolic forms.  A 200 turn (9" OD) Pancake coil will make
4" sparks and 12"+ coronas, just for reference (but not nearly as easy to carry).   Caps measure just a tad under .01 mfd.
Footprint:  6" diameter and 14" tall total.  A fun little project, but honestly as much work as a big coil ;) !

These little core & coil NSTs are great.
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