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Re: [TCML] New server poll

On Wed, 21 May 2014 20:15:24 -0600 (MDT)
Chip Atkinson <chip@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi Chip

I see by some of the other responses to this thread that you may
consider using a "hosted" solution. Of course you also have to consider
the time and effort involved in migrating all of your data,
configuration, and getting everything working just right. Since you are
used to running you own server you may want to look into the "low end
box" market. Relatively new on the scene, highly competitive, but there
are a few reliable reputable operators offering low cost high
performance VPS. This is about as close to your own server in your own
basement (or closet, whatever) as you can get. I have been using an
unmanaged 1024MB SVZ VPS from http://www.ramnode.com/ at the Atlanta
data center for my own sites for over a year now and am very well
pleased. They also have data centers in Seattle and The Netherlands
with a new one in New York coming soon. I host four websites (4
domains), a hot-streamer.com mirror as a sub-domain on Apache2; mail
server using Exim4-heavy (MTA), Dovecot (MDA), spamassassin and
clamav;  webmail using Roundcube; and a recursive DNS server. Another
LEB VPS provider I have experience with and could highly recommend is
https://www.linode.com/ which is a little bit pricier than Ramnode, and
does not offer the promotional discounts (currently 25% off for life on
the front page) either, but overall a solid provider.

When it comes to migration, if you choose the same operating system you
are currently using to install on the VPS, then you can simply rsync
the VPS to your current box, start the services on the VPS, fix a few
permissions problems (spamassassin and clamav will not be able to write
to their log files, if you don't run them that is a moot point) and
migration is complete. Time it takes of course depends on the amount of
data to be transferred and your upload bandwidth.

Just a thought

> Hi folks,
> I'm seriously considering getting a new server for TCML.  The HP
> DL-385 that everyone so generously helped with many years ago is
> still a great machine and would serve as a backup, but it's both
> noisy and power hungry. My electricity bills have gone up $50/month
> and the noise infuses the house.
> To reduce noise and cost, I've been thinking of an HP microserver,
> like this one:
> http://www8.hp.com/us/en/products/proliant-servers/product-detail.html?oid=5366896#!tab=features
> It seems to be one of the few server class machines that is energy 
> efficient and quiet(er?).
> Any thoughts or suggestions from people?
> Thanks in advance.
> Chip Atkinson
> TCML data center operator. :-)
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