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There were 3 interesting books published by the Royal Academy in Denmark, and thanks to Finn Hammer they sent me actual uncut originals (!!!). I put them on the website, written b Peder Olaf Pedersen, a contemporary of Valdemar Poulsen and Nies Finsen.  He had his LFs with a static machine and not by a Tesla modification but the figures are identical.  

These streams were photographed originally by placing glass plate negatives in the paths of the streams.  To make the negative figures the uncoated face of the plate was placed in the path of the purely positive streams and a metal rod held in the hand was touched to the emulsion side creating an induced discharge.  They are really pretty.   The negative can be seen occasionally amidst the positive streams but are not easy to produce isolated from just the ball terminal of the coil.  Sometimes they appear between the brush and positive branches or occassionally as chaotic offshots in the middle of everytime.  The typical discharge is positive, and by small adjustments of the gap they can grow from 1/8" thick patterns to 1/2" or more, both retaining the same patterns of forked branches...

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