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[TCML] Tesla coil design spreadsheet

Hi All,
     So obviously the foremost in all Tesla coil design software is JavaTC,
may it reign forever...With that said I recently put together a small
spreadsheet for designing a coil for utter beginners, with only three
(believe it or not, I've made it that simple) just three inputs, and it
spits out a complete design, more or less.  I'm looking for a few folks to
do some proofreading/testing for me.  Basically to just plug in a few specs
and see if it does anything goofy.  If you are interested in helping me out
let me know and I'll forward the file off list.  It is an ods file, and
should be open-able by Excel, though I haven't actually tried that yet...
 And of course I'm open to suggestions!  Thanks guys!

Scott Bogard.
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