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[TCML] quasi Yagi Re: Couple questions on coiling

> > I don't know of anyone building a stack as you described.
> > Unless you want to see a lot of FCC trucks in your neighborhood, I
> > don't think you want your coil to be a good RF radiator.

> >> Has there ever been a coil built with 3 primary coils ie a large one on
> >> bottom not connected to anything the normal in middle in circuit and a
> >> smaller one on top.  Like a vertical yagi with driver element
> >> reflector?  If there's any hams in this group they will know I mean I
> >> hope.

     I've never heard of such, which means little.
     My understanding of Yagi principles is that
     the various elements 'need' to be separated
     by sizable fractions of a wavelength:
     0.1 or so?

     This would be a bit if a challenge at typical
     Tesla Coil frequencies...

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