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Re: [TCML] Air compressor quenching

On 11/07/2014 11:04 AM, John Cooper wrote:
> Ok so quenching my gap did bring noticeable improvement.  I had some
> 120v fans but there big computer case style fans that dont really
> concentrate air flow.  And I dont wanna listen to a vacuum cleaner so
> sucker fan out of the question.  I have a blow gun rigged up now but
> I'm gonna pipe the air from a quick disconnect to the gap. Think I
> can regulate it down to say 30-50psi to make my 20 gallon tank last
> for a good run.  Anyone already done this?  Tips tricks what to watch
> for etc would be apreciated.

Yes, I did this at one point when I was using a static gap (brass acorn
nuts mounted on 1/4" brass screws).  It made a big improvement over not
having it there, so I incorporated a solenoid valve on my control panel
that I could activate with a switch.

Eventually I went with a Richard Quick style gap (parallel copper pipes)
with a small blower, which gave the best performance of any of my static
gap experiments.

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