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I think everyone on the list is thinking the same thing. 
Safety is the primary concern when operating any HV device and if the question of "will I die if I do ____" needs to be asked, its probably not safe enough. 

I'm not sure what exactly would happen but Id speculate... 
Consider the following that the arc is a nice conductive plasma channel, Perhaps more conductive than say this tree https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kVXi_0H_ZzM for instance. 
Id imagine that it would feed its own power down your arc, being really only limited by the inductance of the arc and secondary. Probably vaporize the secondary wire, potentially arc into your coils mains power, into your controls, cause a fire, hurt you, kill you, cause a potential fault in the distribution network causing an outage thus getting your charred corpse sued, etc. 

Id say any situation where your arc could hit a distribution line would be an instant NO GO regardless of if the above speculation is accurate or not. But that's just me. 

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I may have an opportunity to acquire a piggie(s) and I began to daydream 
about building a really giant coil. Then I considered where I could set 
it up. 
Then I wondered if a streamer were to contact a primary power 
distribution line (the thought frightens me), you know, the 7200 or 
14400 volt lines, would it be disastrous, or even deadly? Could it, 
would it set buildings on fire? 
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