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[TCML] Bill Wysock's Magnifier No. 5

Hello All:

I am repairing Bill's magnifier No. 5. This was the coil Bill and I set up in front of the bank robbed by Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid. This was for the Telluride Tech Fest of 2005, wonderful pics on my website: http://tesla-coil.com/telluride.htm

For those that do not know, Bill and Francis Wysock attended my wedding with Scottie Cooper in 2005 (she passed away May 31, 2014). And, Scottie and I attended Bill and Francis' wedding (I took pics).

This info is for the ages.

If anyone has any historical information to include, please reply...

John F. Cooper, III
www.Tesla-Coil.com, .us
www.Echo-Laser.com, .us

(949) 701-0005
www.Tesla-Coil.com, .us

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