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Re: [TCML] Leyden jars added to a mmc


Capacitors in series reduce their capacitance. Adding them in parallel would increase the total capacitance. either change will affect the tuning of your coil.

Corona may look neat, but it represents wasted energy. Your streamers will be shorter and less bright. Corona is something experimenters usually try to avoid.


On 11/26/2014 11:44 AM, John Cooper wrote:
I wanna try some homemade beer bottle leyden jars.  I wanna see the corona loss(hams called it blue lightening).  Since my coil is working good with my mmc would adding 6-12 beer bottles of saltwater in series with my 16 cornell dubilier caps hurt?  And if I dont top them off with oil then I will see corona?

John Cooper WT5Y

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