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Re: [TCML] Tesla Coil parameters list like Tesla Map software (i.e. spark length, secondary height, # of NSTs)?

Timothy, List - I too have recently put together a 15kv, 120ma coil. I'm still tweaking for best out put. So far I'm getting 72" output and based on the way it was running and the way it was tuned I believe it will do at least 80" after it's fully peaked. I can only run outside so I'm having to wait for good weather.
Here is a brief over view:
15kv, 120ma
.0625uf mmc
sync rotary gap @ 120 breaks/sec
secondary - 7"dia x 27.3"lg 1500 turns No.26 wire
Top load - 5" x 20" spun aluminum toroid
primary - 10 turn 2 layer spiral
Tesla equi drive circuit.

There are two aspects of tuning and peaking that seem not to get the attention that they should (in my opinion). First is that if tuning with a signal generator and a oscilloscope you need to simulate the added capacitance of the spark. Adding a piece of wire the length of the spark your expecting to the top load and then tune with sig gen and o scope. This seems to be overlooked a lot. Java TC shows this very well. If you ad an additional cylindrical top load, on JTC, .02dia x length of spark (JTC will point it straight up) you will see a marked reduction in res. frequency. Second is that the safty gap or static gap width has a large impact on output. There are way of setting these gap for safest operation. However I'm guessing these gap widths get pushed a bit by savvy coilers but don't talk about it. At least on a sync rotary safety gap width has a big bearing on output. I would find it very interesting to hear what gap width people are using with what setup. And in full disclosure :) I have set both of my safety gaps at .22 using rounded brass draw pulls for electrodes. It just seems to take a lot of time to get every thing tweaked to Perfection.

Carry on

On 4/6/2015 9:34 AM, Timothy Gilmore wrote:
Has anyone put together any sort of a listing of others Tesla Coils built
with parameters listed such as:

(for example): I have 2 NSTs (15kv, 60ma) each, 6" diameter, 31" high
secondary, torroid is ....

I am getting 3-4' sparks and wondering if I should be getting longer
sparks. Is this normal? or should I add another NST or bigger Toroid
(working on an 8" diameter ducting bigger one). How do I know since the
Tesla Map software says I should get "ideally" 72.6 inch sparks and I'm
getting about 1/2 to 2/3 of that. Just wondering if it's not tuned properly
(but I think it is) - or making a larger toroid is worth the effort if I'll
gain a foot or more sparks.

How does one know they are getting close to the best they can get in spark

I have attached my Tesla Map file of current settings.


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