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[TCML] Synchronous Rotary Spark Gap, inventor?

Hello List - The Sync Rotary Gap is truly a marvel of modern technology :) and am amazed by how well it does what it does. Just in case there is some one here that has not see this post to the list, here is a link to a truly fenominal letter written by Terry Fritz.
In this letter Terry states that the rotary sync gap was "born from computer modeling and optimization before hardware was actually proven to work" (BTW - I would vote to have this letter permanently placed in some sort of sticky on the Pupman)

My big question to you long timers of the list. Who invented this device? Who do we owe credit to for doing the original work on this "Thing"?
There seems to be very little about the history of it's development.

David Van Doren
Nokesville Va USA
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