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Re: [TCML] My first tesla coil

On 2015-04-09 16:35, Jim Lux wrote:
On 4/9/15 9:22 AM, Timothy Gilmore wrote:

Nice write up and explanation. I read previously that not using a breakout point of a nail tip, needle, pin (how is the pin attached - from the inside
of the toroid where the flat round end is touching the toroid and pin
breaks through the outside of the toroid to emit sparks?) will cause a 40% reduction in spark length (vs having a breakout point) by having multiple
sparks randomly around the toroid.

I stick the thumbtack on with tape: shove the pin through the tape's
sticky side and then stick it on the toroid.

I have used the the "knitting needle" approach... i.e. lay a metal knitting needle on top of your toroid for your break out point.. though in my case the knitting needle is a piece of aluminum hobby stock.

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