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[TCML] Over Current potection

Hello list !!!  Please excuse my interruption.

I´m developing a corona discarge generator for plastic film treatment and
i´m using a circuit that is quite similar to a SSTC

In my case a half bridge inverter driving a ferrite core transformer with
20 turn in the primary and 800 turns in the secondary.

Caracteristics of the generator: 220 VAC mains, 320 VDC bus, 30 Khz, 500V
20A pair of mosfet, 1Kw power

Here some short videos of the aplications:


Due to its resonant behaviour the current on the primary is cuasi sinusoidal

I need to implement an over current protection on the primary to portect
the bridge.

Some tesla coilers use a current transformer but i can´t find a comparator
or an appropriate circuit to manage the signal of the CT

Has anyone any idea for this?


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