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[TCML] Glass Plate Capacitor

Hello All,
I have been in the process of getting an old build operational again.I constructed this RSGTC back in the mid '80s based on info from a book published in 1920.  It is of classic design in thatthe Secondary is wide and short  by current day designs ( 8" dia x 15" hi ) and has no top load - just a small 1"  brass ball on a short post. It creates a very large brush discharge from the top turn and equal length sparks from the ball.It looks like a true antique as the components have nicely finished wood bases and boxes.
It was built using a surplus military grade 5KV 90 ma transformer and
is throttled by a tapped inductor of my design on the AC input. Thecapacitor is a 2" stack of  'single strength' window glass and aluminum foil whichwas immersed in hot beeswax such that the edges of the glasspanes are sealed ..  The foil comes to within 1/2" of the edges of the glass.
The cap measures  0.025 uF.  Input 5KV max.  ARSG runs at 360 BpS.  
The coil resonance measures 290 KHz and this agrees with the JavaTC analysis. Coupling 0.3 k 
I have Never attempted full power operation as there were always pri to sec arc-overs.I finally fixed this ( after 30 years !  ) by sleeving the upper turn of the primary with plastic tubing.
Question : Whats the probability that the Capacitor withstand full 5 KV transformer output ?
Regards,AlexOrlando FLKK4VB

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